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Classic Manicure $28 | Gel $40
Deluxe Manicure $38 | Gel $50
Super Deluxe Manicure $48 | Gel $60


1. Classic Pedicure $35 | Gel $50

Short on time or just need a quick refresh? Speed through this pedicure with your toenails trimmed, shaped, cuticles pushed, and a sugar scrub that gently cleanses, exfoliates, and conditions the skin through light massage.
Callus Removal +$7 | Paraffin wax +$10 | Hot Stone +$7

2. Deluxe Pedicure $50 | Gel $65

Like a gently breaking wave on a tropical island beach, a warm aromatic soak delicately softens the skin and rinses away impurities. Feet are pedicured to perfection, followed by a mineral sea salt scrub and callus removal. Finally, hot stones are massaged into the legs to loosen tight knots of tension from the long day.

3. Lavender Field Pedicure $55 | Gel $70

Relax your senses while your feet soften in a bath with lavender fragrance, While your skin is buffed with a sea salt scrub, your heels are smoothed with callus remover. Luxuriate as we provide a relaxing massage using hot stones and essential oils, distinctively scented with lavender. Delight in our therapy socks to further moisturize and plump your skin. Just say anhhh!"

4. Rose Field Pedicure $58 | Gel $73

Enjoy this luxurious treatment, and for a few moments, your life becomes a bed of roses. Your tired and trampled feet are revitalized with splendid milk soak with rose petals. Calluses under the heels are gently exfoliated, followed by a massage with hot stones and essential oils, and therapy socks. vie en rose!

5. Signature Volcano Pedicure $58 | Gel $73

Get ready to experience the best pedicure you have ever had! The Volcano Pedicure is a luxurious 5-step pedicure kit, formulated to provide you with a premium pedicure experience. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create a detoxifying experience with a fun bubbling eruption! The package includes nail care, callus removal, a foot massage with essential oils and hot stones, and therapy socks.

6. Volcano Plus CBD Pedicure $63 | Gel $78

This treatment includes a complete Signature Volcano Pedicure but is enhanced with CBD Oil that delivers an intense dose of moisture and instantly soothes irritation and calms skin, bringing comfort and relaxation to the senses. Top off the experience with a relaxing massage using Gua Sha massage tools and therapy socks.

7. Jelly Pedicure $65 | Gel $80

A perfect treatment to reduce swelling and extract toxins using jelly - a unique gelatinous texture that retains heat, soothes aching muscles and alleviates joint pain. The jelly also acts as a gentle exfoliant and softens the skin. This treatment includes a jelly soak and jelly massage, callus removal, hot stone, treatment, massage with Gua Sha massage tools, and paraffin wax.

8. Penthouse Pedicure $70 | Gel $85

Rest you're tired and trampled feet in a relaxing soak infused with green tea and essential oils. Feet are pedicured to perfection, followed by callus removal, Allow yourself to melt in a heavenly tension-relieving massage with hot stones and essential oils combined with Gua Sha massage tools that will calm your nerves and soothe your soles. Finish off with a paraffin treatment, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth for days.

9. Bubble Bee Pedicure $75 | Gel $90

Feet are pampered in a moisturizing bubble soak. Calluses are removed, then a honey and lemon sugar scrub is massaged into the legs and feet to exfoliate dead skin. A foot mask topped with freshly sliced lemon or orange works deeply to brighten the skin. Rejuvenate your lower legs with a massage using warm oil melted from lemongrass, lemon, and honey, along with hot stones and Gua Sha massage tools. Seal in the pedicure's moisture with our paraffin, and wax. This treatment comes with hand therapy.

10. Cocoa Beach Pedicure $80 | Gel $95

Bathe your tired feet in a warm rice milk foot bath with calluses buffed away to reveal baby soft skin. A super-fine coconut sugar scrub with honey awaits you next, followed by a foot mask topped with fresh lemon slices. A relaxing massage with warm oil melted from coconut oil and hot stones using Gua Sha, massage tools follow to maximize the relaxation. Finally, allow the deep moisturizing benefits of paraffin wax and therapy socks to instantly hydrate and repair cracked, dry skin. Look at that glow!!!


Full Set Toes $58 & Up
Refill Toes $48 & Up
1 Big Toe Acrylic $8
2 Big Toes Acrylic $15
Refill 1 Big Toe Acrylic $5
Refill 2 Big Toes Acrylic $10


Acrylic Full Set $35 & Up
Acrylic Fill In $25 & Up
Color Powder Full Set $50 & Up
Color Powder Fill In $40 & Up
Pink & White Ombré $60 & Up
Pink & White French $60 & Up
White Tip $45 & Up
Dipping Powder $45 & Up
Dipping Pink & White Ombré $55 & Up
Dipping Pink & White French $55 & Up
Luminary set $60 & Up
Luminary fill $50 & Up


Polish Change Hands $12
Polish Change Toes $18
Gel Polish Change Hands $22
Gel Polish Change Toes $28
Nail Design $7 & Up


Every service added 20% off for under 11 years old.